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Daisy Investiture

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Daisy Investiture Ceremony


  • Daisy Girl Scout Beginning Certificate
  • Daisy Girl Scout pins 

Cardboard or poster board covered with Daisy Girl Scout blue. Yellow circle for enter of the daisy and a green stem. Arrange on the blue background with space to add petals. Put the troop number in the middle of the yellow center. Daisy petals - two per girl; put the girl's name on each petal. Green leaves - one per leader with their name on the leaf. 


Girls stand in a circle or semi-circle depending on the placement of the daisy center and the stem. 

Each girl is given her petal, and as her name is called she comes forward and places her petal around the center. (The idea is that when all girls have placed their petals on the yellow center, a completed daisy is formed.)

The leader gives each girl the Girl Scout Handshake, gives the Daisy Girl Scout her Beginning Certificate, and finally pins the Daisy Girl Scout Pin on the girl's left side. 

After all the petals have been placed, the leaders then place their leaves on the stem. 

The leaders step back and then the troop/group says the Girl Scout Promise together. 

(The Daisy Girl Scout's duplicate petal and certificate can go into a scrapbook. You can use the Daisy Poster for attendance during the year.)

Suggested Daisy Girl Scout Flag Ceremony

You may have your girls say the Pledge of Allegiance and the Girl Scout Promise as a simple opening flag ceremony. Smaller flags are necessary for smaller girls. American Legions or VFW's often donate flags to troops/groups.

Daisy Investiture Ceremony Layout

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