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Games for Brownie Girl Scouts

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Games for Brownie Girl Scouts

Stake a Claim

Equipment: rope for each pair of girls (about 4 feet long)

This is a quiet game. In a quiet game you use your eyes or ears more than your legs. Each Brownie Girl Scout has a partner. The two girls need a rope circle. Make it from a rope four feet long. Join the ends together with a square knot. 

Stake your claim by putting the rope circle on the ground anywhere you like. Then look carefully at everything inside your circle. How many different things can you discover? You do not have to know their names. The team that finds the most things in its claim wins. 

The fun of this game is in discovering things. You will be surprised at how many things are happening on that little bit of round. 

Note: Minimal impact outdoor practices require that you tell the girls not to pick anything and to return anything they pick up (except trash) to its original place.

Brownies and Fairies

Team games, like this one, are fun whether your team wins or loses. You have two equal teams, Brownies and Fairies. The two teams line up and face each other. Behind each team, about twenty feet away, is its Safe Place. 

Suddenly the leader of the game may call, "Brownies are coming." Fairies run to their Safe Place with Brownies chasing them. Any Fairy caught joins the Brownies. Next time the leader may call, "Fairies are coming." Or she may say again, "Brownies are coming." You never know. You have to listen and be ready. The team that ends with the most players wins.

The Shopping Bag

Equipment: Shopping Bag 

This game is played by Brownies in Pakistan. Sit in a circle. Pass an empty shopping bag around the circle. As each girl gets the bag, she pretends to take something from it. Then she acts out what she can do with this thing. The rest of you try to guess what it is. As soon as someone calls the right thing, the bag is passed on to the next Brownie.

Insect Tag

The leader selects insects that make noise such as bees (buzz), crickets (crick), mosquitoes (nnn... ) then the leader whispers to each girl what she is (there should be two of each insect). The girls then close their eyes, make their noise and try to find their mate.

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