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Games for Daisy Girl Scouts

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Games for Daisy Girl Scouts

Exchange Tag

All players sit or stand in a circle. "IT" calls out the name of two players who must exchange seats "IT" tries to tag one of them before she reaches a seat. The person who is tagged becomes the new "IT."

Ducks and Cows

This is a good game to divide a group of people into two teams. Depending on the size of the crowd, 1 or 2 people circulate among the crowd and tap people on their shoulders saying to them either duck or cow. Players are then instructed to close their eyes and by quacking or mooing, find their other teammates, until you have one large group of quacking ducks and one of mooing cows.

Daisy to Daisy

One person is the caller. Each girl finds a partner. The caller chants out different body parts that the paired players must match by touching. 

Example: Caller chants "nose to nose". Partners touch nose to nose. Caller chants "head to head". Partners touch head to head, etc. 

When caller chants "Daisy to Daisy, everyone runs to find another partner, and the chants start again. Different callers can be chosen through out the game. 

This is a great way for Daisy Girl Scouts to build confidence and troop/group spirit.

Balloon Relay

Equipment: an inflated balloon and a broom for each team.

Circle relay. Each team forms a circle, and a balloon is placed in front of each team captain. On signal, each captain used her broom to sweep the balloon around the outside of her circle and back to her original place. She hands the broom to the player on her left, who continues to sweep the balloon around the circle. All players take a turn. The first team to finish wins.

Group Juggling

Equipment: Several Koosh balls; Nerf balls or bean bags. 

Stand in a circle, facing the center. Starting with one ball (or tube sock with tennis balls in it), throw it and catch it in a pattern until everyone has tossed and caught the ball once. The last catcher tosses the ball back to the player who started the pattern. Now, the juggling begins. Start one ball, then try one more ball, and another, etc. Try to keep as many balls in the air as possible. If one drops, pick it up and continue the pattern.

Stand Up

This is a cooperative game. Sit on the ground, back-to-back with your partner, knees bent and elbows linked. Now simply stand up together. After succeeding, try it with three people, four people, etc.

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