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Form NameForm CodeCategoryRevision Date
Adult Emergency SlipF-22Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance09/30/13
Adult Membership FormMember Registration10/23/13
Adult Recognition Event Individual FormF-66Adult Recognitions01/15/14
Adult Recognition Event Table FormO-631Adult Recognitions01/15/14
Adult Recognition Nomination FormF-54Adult Recognitions09/30/13
Bank Account InstructionsF-34Finance and Bank Accounts09/30/13
Bronze Award Reporting FormF-483Girl Leadership and Awards10/29/13
Code of Conduct for VolunteersF-905-7Service Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide)09/30/13
Community 3 C'sF-15Service Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide)02/10/14
Community Leadership Team Prospect CardF-552Service Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide)01/30/14
Community Planning GuideF-81Service Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide)09/30/13
Community Region Budget Financial ReportF-450Service Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide), Finance and Bank Accounts09/30/13
Community Region Budget Financial Report excelF-450Service Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide), Finance and Bank Accounts09/30/13
Community Service Nomination FormF-116Adult Recognitions09/30/13
Community Team RosterF-35CService Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide)07/07/14
Community Weekends Tips and SuggestionsO-536Activity/Event Planning and Approval09/30/13
Community/Region Camp ReservationF-126Activity/Event Planning and Approval09/30/13
Conflict Resolution PacketF-905Service Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide)09/30/13
Continuing Leader Rocker Order FormO-57Adult Recognitions09/30/13
Contribution Solicitation Request FormF-30Donations05/14/14
Day or twilight Camp Accident ReportO-716Camping, Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance09/30/13
Day or Twilight Camp Site Permission SlipO-1339 (DC)Camping09/30/13
Donor Contribution CardO-642Donations09/30/13
Driver ChecklistF-477Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance09/30/13
Emergency CardF-338Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance09/30/13
Evaluation of TrainingO-153Training09/30/13
Event ReportF-10Activity/Event Planning and Approval, Service Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide)09/30/13
Extended Troop/Group Trips (Intent to Plan)F-453Trips and Travel09/30/13
Extended Troop-Group Trip Application for ApprovalO-884Trips and Travel09/30/13
Extended Troop-Group Trips EvaluationO-927Trips and Travel09/30/13
Extended Troop-Group Trips Initial PlanO-883Trips and Travel09/30/13
Family Award - Nomination FormF-57Adult Recognitions09/30/13
Financial Assistance ApplicationF-134Financial Assistance09/30/13
Financial Assistance GuidelinesF-132Financial Assistance09/30/13
Financial Assistance GuidelinesF-132 (SP)Espanol, Financial Assistance10/31/13
G. S. Permission SlipF-204Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance12/11/13
G. S. Permission Slip - Multiple UseF-204MPermission, Health, Safety and Insurance12/11/13
Girl Council Trip AgreementO-903Trips and Travel09/30/13
Girl Medical FormF-185Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance09/30/13
Girl Membership FormMember Registration10/23/13
Girl Project Report - Community Service or Take ActionF-269Girl Leadership and Awards09/30/13
Girl Scout Accident Insurance InformationF-578Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance09/30/13
Girl Scout Safety GuidelinesF-250Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance09/30/13
Girl Scout Silver Award Final Report FormF-486Girl Leadership and Awards10/29/13
Girl Scout Silver Award PacketF-484Girl Leadership and Awards10/29/13
Girl's RecordF-04Girl Leadership and Awards09/30/13
Gold Award PacketF-494Girl Leadership and Awards10/29/13
GSSJC Policies and Operational ProceduresF-433Policies and Procedures, Troop/Group Management04/04/11
GSUSA- Bronze Award GuidelinesGSUSAGirl Leadership and Awards10/29/13
GSUSA Community Service Bar Site Approval RequestF-496Girl Leadership and Awards09/30/13
Guidelines for Family CampingF-05Camping09/30/13
Home Study RequestO-638Training09/30/13
Insurance Coverage VoucherF-579Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance09/30/13
Leadership Essentials Sign-In SheetF-517Training09/30/13
Leadership Team Award ApplicationAdult Recognitions09/30/13
Letter of EndorsementF-54AAdult Recognitions09/30/13
Media Corps Publicity ReleaseF-70Communication Guidelines, Girl Leadership and Awards09/30/13
Membership Summary Form: Community or Region SummaryMember Registration10/23/13
Membership Summary Form: Troop or Group SummaryMember Registration10/23/13
Money Earning RequestF-32Donations, Finance and Bank Accounts, Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance09/30/13
Oral History ReleaseO-81609/30/13
Parent Guardian Permission for Girl to TravelF-318Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance09/30/13
Passport to GS Sign In SheetF-518Training09/30/13
President's Award ApplicationF-76Adult Recognitions09/30/13
Program Registration FormTroop/Group Management01/29/14
Prospect Card CommunityService Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide)01/22/14
Prospect Card RegionService Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide)01/22/14
Recruitment Sign-InO-984Member Registration10/04/13
Region Planning GuideF-95Service Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide)09/30/13
Region Team RosterF-35RService Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide)07/07/14
Registration of Bank AccountF-36Finance and Bank Accounts09/30/13
Registration of Bank Accounts-BilingualF-36Espanol, Finance and Bank Accounts10/23/13
Religious Recognition NotificationF-21Girl Leadership and Awards10/23/13
Request For Volunteer Involvement GrantF-112Troop/Group Management05/14/14
Rifle Program Permission SlipF-601Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance09/30/13
Say You Will StayMember Registration
Sensitive Issues GuidelinesF-610Activity/Event Planning and Approval, Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance09/30/13
Sensitive Issues Parental ConsentF-611Activity/Event Planning and Approval, Permission, Health, Safety and Insurance09/30/13
Short Troop Group Trip ApplicationF-413Trips and Travel09/30/13
Silver Award Project Intent FormF-485Girl Leadership and Awards09/30/13
Solicitud de VoluntarioF-39SPEspanol09/30/13
Tax Exemption CertificationF-144Finance and Bank Accounts09/30/13
Training Registration FormO-213Training09/30/13
Training Registration Form (SP)O-213Training10/31/13
Troop Camp Evaluation FormO-28Camping09/30/13
Troop Group Financial ReportF-31Finance and Bank Accounts09/30/13
Troop Group Financial Report excel versionF-31Finance and Bank Accounts09/30/13
Troop/Group Attendance RecordF-02Troop/Group Management09/30/13
Troop/Group Attendance Record (Spanish)F-02Espanol, Troop/Group Management09/30/13
Troop/Group Camp ReservationF-127Camping02/24/15
Troop/Group Dues RecordF-01Troop/Group Management09/30/13
Volunteer ApplicationF-39Member Registration09/30/13
Volunteer ReimbursementF-351Finance and Bank Accounts09/30/13
Volunteer Self Appraisal FormF-497Service Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide)09/30/13
Volunteer Service RecordF-122Adult Recognitions09/30/13
Volunteer Years of Service Pin OrderF-61Adult Recognitions09/30/13
Worksheet for Plan of CooperationF-479Service Team Managment (Community/Region/Councilwide)09/30/13